Step 1

Tell us more about yourself and your situation. Our online intake form meets the highest standards for privacy and confidentiality. Simply press the "Intake Form" button below and fill out the questions.

This will also give you access to our Informed Consent page. This page outlines the amount of time each session takes, what the cost is, and what you can expect.

Once you complete this form we will be automatically informed that you are interested in meeting with a counselor.


You will be contacted to set up your first appointment. 

We have an open online interface that allows you to manage your appointments. Our top-of-the-line system will keep all of your personal information private while giving you the convenience of scheduling and editing your ongoing appointments.

Step 3

If you don't already have a Skype account, set one up! It's free and will allow us to videoconference from wherever you are.


Pay your counselor or consultant for their work with you. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you!

step 4